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STATUS Phase 1 Completed
KEYWORDS Feedback, Personal tutors


The Wolfson School requested an exploratory project looking into both the development of a 'Student Passport' and the development of a system to embed this passport within the learning environment at University. A student passport is a document detailing the feedback the student receives on various pieces of coursework. As well as helping to close the feedback loop, a feedback passport offers the opportunity to raise student awareness of the array of feedback they receive.

The project explored the possibilities of introducing either a web-based or paper-based system designed to engage students in the feedback process through regular discussion with their personal tutor. With the recognition of the need for a continuation project in the year 2013/14 to trial and evaluate the passport, it was agreed that the scope of the project for this year was to:

  • develop a paper based passport prototype,
  • design the evaluation study to trial the passport and,
  • to have this ready for implementation at the start of Semester 1 2013.

In conjunction with it's intern, a recent engineering graduate from Loughborough University, CEDE has developed the passport. The passport is to be trialed with a sample personal tutors and first year students in October.

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Student feedback passport