Addressing Impediments to enhancing feedback practice in CBE


Centre for Engineering and Design Education

STATUS Current
KEYWORDS feedback
CONTACT 1 Sarah Bamforth
CONTACT 2 Glynis Perkin


The activity aims: To understand how students currently use the feedback they receive, To identify/develop appropriate resources to support students to make more effective use of their feedback, To inform staff of the ways in which students currently use their feedback.

Focus group discussions, in combination with questionnaires, are to be used to explore student use of feedback and the factors influencing this. Students will input into the process of identifying appropriate support resources/mechanisms to aid them in use of their feedback.

The research phase of this project is now complete and a confidential report has been written and presented to the School's Learning and Teaching Committee. The report makes a number of recommendations, some of which CEDE is currently helping to implement; Feedback training sessions have been delivered to Part A Civil Engineering students during their first term; a third addition of the Feedback Digest has been produced which incorporates guidance for staff coming out of this research.

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Last Updated: 29th January, 2015

Addressing Impediments to enhancing feedback practice in CBE