Feedback Impact Legacy


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Members of CEDE have previously undertaken three independent studies relating to feedback practice, student perceptions, understanding and use of the feedback they receive. These studies were undertaken in each of three academic years commencing 2011/2012. The legacy of this research was the production of three editions of a ‘Feedback Digest’ and changes to feedback practice within CBE. The 2015/2016 research investigated the impact of the changes on students understanding and use of feedback and also whether or not students’ expectations had changed. The main findings showed that student expectations, regarding the feedback they receive, had risen. Furthermore, the majority of students did not value generic feedback. Findings pertinent to the academic community were presented at the INTED Conference in March 2016. In parallel with this work, CEDE, at the request of the School produced a tailored Feedback leaflet for Civil and Building Engineering students.

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Last Updated: 27th April, 2016

Feedback Impact Legacy