COSHH for engineering laboratory projects


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CONTACT 1 Lynda Gibbins
CONTACT 2 Caroline Lowery


Options to simplify the process of generating, approving and storing COSHH forms were explored in this small project. Commercial software solutions were investigated together with ways to utilise existing in-house technology tools will be explored.

The departmental Safety Officer was interviewed to understand better the process of COSHH form generation, approval and storage. The in-house simple database for COSHH forms was briefly examined.

Following an update to the University's COSHH form in mid-2015, an updated COSHH template for the whole AACME School was adapted using Google Forms to create an online form. The Google form has been handed over to the School and the evaluation is ongoing with the new Safety Officer to determine if this will simplify the process.


A comparative table of commercially available software tools for managing the COSHH process and/or tracking chemicals was produced for The Department of Materials to assess whether any of these could meet their needs.

A simple online form was developed, to be filled in by students. The information entered into the forms will be collected into a simple database for the School Safety Officer.

A longer-term objective is to develop a more advanced database system to support the management of COSHH forms including approvals and reporting requirements. This may become the focus of a future project.

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Last Updated: 2nd December, 2015

COSHH for engineering laboratory projects