Mathematics Learning Support in UK Higher Education


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HE STEM funding, obtained by the Mathematics Education Centre and CEDE, was used to survey 119 institutions to determine the extent and nature of mathematics support throughout the UK Higher Education sector in 2012. This work builds on earlier extensive surveys which have been undertaken - firstly by Lawson, Croft and Halpin in 2000 and later by Perkin and Croft in 2004.

Since the 2004 survey there has been a reduction in the content of the GCE A Level Mathematics qualification. However, it has been proposed that as the material is covered in more depth this should result in greater understanding of the topics encountered. Furthermore, AS Level Further Mathematics is now available to more students, mainly as a result of the work of the Further Mathematics Support Programme.

The focus of this new survey was to gather, analyse and report up-to-date information on the current extent of mathematics support provision over and above lectures, tutorials and personal tutorials, which universities are providing. The findings, which show an increase in the number of institutions that provide support with mathematics, are being published in 2013. These results will enable policymakers in universities to assess whether they are providing student support that is comparable to others in the sector and may also assist practitioners in identifying where good practice is being nurtured.

The findings of the survey have been published by The National HE STEM Programme and are available at:

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Mathematics Learning Support in UK Higher Education