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Engineering Gateways provide a pathway to professional qualification for working engineers without the full exemplifying academic qualifications, who are interested in becoming professionally qualified and are unable to commit to full-time study. With the support of their employer, employees are able to demonstrate the required competences for professional registration (UK-SPEC) at the same time as meeting the learning outcomes for an academic qualification.

The framework for this route was developed as part of a government-funded initiative 'Gateways to the Professions'. The Engineering Council led the work which also involved universities, PEIs and employer representatives.

CEDE was involved in developing a toolkit for universities interested in adopting the engineering gateways model with funding from the National HE STEM programme's workforce development programme. The toolkit is available from the Engineering Gateways website or in hard copy from

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Last Updated: 9th July, 2015

Engineering Gateways