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‘BIM-Hub’ – A learning hub for international problem-based learning

Communication skills are becoming the key requirement for employability in the increasingly interconnected and globalised world. BIM-Hub project aims to explore an innovative approach to international problem-based learning in the Built Environment (BE) education using a real-time online collaboration platform, in order to enhance employability skills. The project will demonstrate and test methods, practices, technologies to support the student international collaboration using Building Information Modelling (BIM) platform. BIM represents an emerging technology of international collaboration in the building industry and will become an essential requirement for UK Government projects from 2016. Final year students from Loughborough, Coventry and Ryerson (Toronto) Universities form multidisciplinary design teams and use BIM to develop a building scheme in the initial stages of design.

The project is developing a guidance of effective practice for international collaboration in BIM and to disseminate the findings via BIM-Hub website. The development of the BIM-Hub means that the project has the potential for large-scale impact as educators and students will be able to benefit from the project beyond the immediate collaborating partners. The BIM-Hub will document the lessons learnt from the virtual teamworking process and the organisation of international collaboration. Users will be able to use materials disseminated in the BIM-Hub, and will be encouraged to contribute, enabling the BIM-Hub to become the basis of a community of learning for a large number of educators and students involved in virtual teamworking. Given the potential benefits to stakeholders, the project could potentially lay seeds for wider adoption of the approach within curricula of BE courses across the globe. Empirical evidence gathered so far, suggests that this innovation has improved the project management skills of participating students and contributed positively to student satisfaction with a 17% increase of satisfaction level from the previous year. In the long-term, BIM-Hub can potentially redefine the collaboration within a real-time online platform, with a far-reaching impact on construction education and industry practice and policy.

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Over the last academic year, CEDE has helped to advertise BIM Hub workshops through it's Eden Bulletin.

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BIM Hub support and dissemination