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Building upon the work undertaken in the previous year this activity has three main areas of focus. The activity seeks to:

  • 1. Extend the research to include taught postgraduate students in Civil and Building Engineering.
  • 2. Support continuous improvement by identifying where further support could be provided to staff implementing the advice from the digest.
  • 3. Design and implement a system to effectively gauge the progress of feedback enhancement within the school.

Under these three strands the following activities have taken place:

  • 1. Focus groups have been undertaken with postgraduate students. The findings of this study have been used to update the guidance given to staff. A Digest is now available for staff which provides guidance on providing feedback to both postgraduate and undergraduate students.
  • 2. A focus group was undertaken with staff. This combined with evidence of current feedback practices have been used to inform a report on the changes to feedback practice that have occurred. This report also includes recommendations for future research to further help close the feedback loop.
  • 3. A series of questions have been developed. These have been provided to student representatives in order for them to survey their peers and take responses to the relevant staff student committee meeting. This set of questions was trialed this year and it is intended that these survey questions will continue to be used in order to provided a system for monitoring feedback standards.

Additionally, The 2012 research that underpins this overall activity was disseminated via a presentation and paper at April’s HEA STEM: Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2013:

Bamforth, S., Perkin, G., & Glass, J. (2013) Feedback to students: effective practices, from their perspective. Paper presented at HEA STEM: Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2013: Where practice and pedagogy meet, 17th – 18th April, University of Birmingham.

In order to continue the dissemination of findings, workshop funding bid to the HEA was submitted in July.

Work on this activity is now complete.

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Quality of Feedback