Enhancing the Quality of Assessment and Feedback


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KEYWORDS assessment, feedback
CONTACT 1 Dr Sarah Bamforth
CONTACT 2 Dr Glynis Perkin


The School of Civil and Building Engineering (CBE) and the Wolfson School would like to improve their National Student Survey (NSS) scores for assessment practices, feedback quality and timeliness of coursework return.

Expected outcomes

  • evidence that can be used to help identify what the schools can do strategically to provide good feedback to students, that they value and from which they can learn/improve.
  • an insight into whether students in the school of Civil & Building Engineering and the Wolfson School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering share similar expectations of assessment and feedback (and hence explore any trends which are common to engineering disciplines) .
  • the potential to share student perspectives on feedback with other Loughborough Engineering & Design Schools and so inform any subsequent, related projects
  • a resource for staff, which can be used to encourage staff to enhance their feedback to students.

The approach taken by the activity has been to:

  • Undertake a review of past Civil and Building Engineering student feedback surveys and use this and input from the CBE Undergraduate Learning and Teaching Committee to inform the design of a series of focus group workshops.
  • Undertake four focus group workshops with student reps from CBE and Wolfson School. Report key findings to the named School Contacts and use the findings to inform the gathering of examples of feedback from other Loughborough Engineering schools in order to create the snapshot portfolio.


The project will deliver the following outcomes:

  • An internal report on the review of CBE Student Feedback on Assessment and Feedback.
  • Four focus groups.
  • Project progress report to Learning and Teaching Coordinators.
  • Report on focus group findings.
  • Internal briefing with Activity Proposer to discuss report findings.
  • Short guide/portfolio for staff illustrating examples of effective feedback practice.

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Last Updated: 4th November, 2014

Enhancing the Quality of Assessment and Feedback