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The project proposed was to develop a Development of a system/strategy where visiting tutors must record their feedback and grades for each visit they make with industrial students. The students need to be able to view their feedback given and an overview of the grades and marking provided by each visiting tutor must be available and easily feed into a spreadsheet that can be uploaded into LUSI by the Wolfson administrators.

The current management of both DIS and DPS placements has had inconsistencies with academic staff undertaking student/visiting tutor interactions, giving feedback and undertaking company visits at different times and using different formats. A consistent way to undertake the management of student placements was needed to allow students to receive the same effective experience and to enable staff to efficiently monitor and manage student placements.

A new approach to manage student placements has been developed using the existing systems: Learn, CASPA and Co-Tutor. Students are able to upload work through Learn while Co-tutor allows Visiting Tutors to record interactions with their placement students. CASPA is used to keep a record of submissions for assignments made within Learn and pass this information as a record into Co-Tutor. Additionally, the Industrial Placement Co-ordinator is able to see an overview of submissions and interactions that have taken place using Co-Tutor. The next step is for CEDE to work with 3-4 Visiting Tutors this academic year to pilot using this new approach so that it can be amended and standardised as necessary. In addition CEDE will produce guides for staff and students in how to use the approach.

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DPS management