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Student-led activity is voluntary, extra-curricular activity started up and run by a group of students. It provides opportunity for students to get involved in something that:

  • Demonstrates motivation and dedication to a future employer; and/or
  • Will lead to the implementation of an employer-focused activity within the student's department, which the student will have instigated and led (providing excellent experience); and/or
  • Will enable the student and others in their department to benefit from an employer-focused activity (providing relevant experience for the lead student and their fellow students).

“It was a brilliant experience. It built on key skills – teamwork, leadership, innovation, management and communication.” [student quote]

"Employers particularly value graduates who have combined their academic study with relevant activities above and beyond the assessed components of degrees ("student-led activity"), recognising in particular the experience gained and the motivation and dedication demonstrated by these students." Engineering graduates for industry report.

Collaboration between Imperial College and Loughborough University

Since 2010, Loughborough University has begun to establish student-led activity, working in partnership with, and building on the extensive experience of, Imperial College London, supported through HE STEM funding. This has led to significant activity at Loughborough and enhanced awareness, and expansion, of activity at Imperial.

In December 2011, Loughborough and Imperial were jointly awarded ‘custodian of effective practice’ status with a remit to support 7 ‘adopter’ universities. As part of this process, the team have produced a supporting 'checklist' resource (see link below to download this).

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Student-led, Employer-focused Extra-curricular Activities