Evaluation of assessment linked grade descriptors


Centre for Engineering and Design Education

CONTACT 1 Caroline Lowery
CONTACT 2 Glynis Perkin


During the last project year, CEDE created a series of paper-based method orientated grade descriptors based upon Wolfson School’s existing grade descriptors. These were produced for oral presentations, group viva, report and poster assessment methods. The intention is to help improve consistency of marking where marking on a module is undertaken by a team of academic tutors. This academic year, a number of these method orientated grade descriptors have been used by academics on one module. Feedback from the academics using these grade descriptors has been positive enabling the second stage of the project to be undertaken. Electronic versions of the assessment method orientated grade descriptors have been created, simplifying the process of marking and returning feedback to students. Interactive grade descriptor templates have been created for each of the four assessments used within the MMB500 and MMB504 modules. The templates allow staff to easily tick relative performance for each relevant grade descriptor, scores to be calculated and then these can be email to the module leader before emailing individualised feedback to students on their assessment.

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Last Updated: 27th April, 2016

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