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The placements project, alongside the AACME departments was to rejuvenate an old placement company list into an up-to-date, manageable and presentable web-based system that students within AACME could use to find information on currently-hiring companies. The system began to expand from the start to include real placement information from the list of companies and is attracting interest from other departments, including Wolfson School.


A working scalable website that delivers the initial requirements from AACME, with recommendations from Wolfson School. The website (engineering PLUS) is online and ready for off-campus use at Features include:

  • a company listing section
  • a placement listing section for the companies on the database
  • administration section for placement monitors within departments to upload placements/companies
  • ability for students to ‘favourite’ employers
  • ability for students to comment on companies and leave feedback.

Although the original project description designated a LEARN -based project, it was agreed by all parties that LEARN would not be an adequate platform to host such a service. Therefore an external website has been built to satisfy the need.

Updates and enhancements to this system are planned for 2015-16.

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Engineering Plus - Placements database