Concentration studies


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The aim of this activity has been to support the Design School in achieving specific steps with a new research tool (an EEG headset) in order that it can undertake research into student concentration levels within its learning and teaching environment.

Expected outcomes

The potential for a research tool to help evaluate enhancements to practice.


Specifically this project will support the following:

  • Identifying and resolving the technical requirements for undertaking a concentration study – e.g. synchronisation marker for video and brain frequency data capture.
  • Exploring ethical implications of a concentration study and obtaining ethical clearance for a pilot study.
  • Developing and testing baseline exercises for participants to use at the start of a study.
  • Developing and testing a method for capturing participants self-report of engagement.

The activity was successfully able to obtain ethical clearance for the study. A series of base-line exercises were developed and used to gather brain, video and observational data from 7 participants. A small scale lecture based pilot was developed as part of the activity, however, implementation of the pilot was not possible due to a lack of willing participants. However, the School is now in a position to further this research in the future. Work on this activity for 2012-2013 is now complete.

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Concentration studies