Enhancing engineering learning and teaching with technology


Centre for Engineering and Design Education

KEYWORDS Technology, technology enhanced learning, learning and teaching, electronic, electrical and systems engineering
CONTACT 1 Glynis Perkin
CONTACT 2 Lynda Gibbins


This project initially investigated good practice for the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning for engineering students. A comprehensive review of the literature was undertaken with publications classified into content delivery, lecture capture, mobile applications, MOOC's, remote laboratories, software, general reports on technology enhanced learning, ePortfolios, writing for wikipedia and using remote labs for assessment.

This Project was continued during the 2015/16 academic year by creating the online repository and uploading the "Recipes" included in the resource booklet. A variety of different locations were investigated for; ease of use, suitability of use for a repository and the amount of training it would take to make staff proficient in the use. After this investigation, Maraha was decided upon, as it was already in use in the school of Electrical, electronic and systems engineering.


  • A resource booklet of ideas was produced and assistance will be given to EESE staff in their campaign to raise awareness throughout the School.
  • An online repository will be developed, which can be populated with technology "recipes", for ownership and further development by EESE staff.

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Last Updated: 25th April, 2016

Enhancing engineering learning and teaching with technology