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The main concept behind Design Mashup was to provide an online platform for product and industrial design students at the Design School to discuss and analyse properties of both existing and new products in a secure, structured and comfortable environment. The environment combines open source blog and forum software with a specifically developed Critique Wizard in a seamless interactive manner.

As an evolution from Design Mashup, a facility called Kit-Critique has been developed based on Kit-Catalogue. This online facility allows students to upload products to the web and critique them. Other students can comment on the critique and others can rate these comments. Within the site, students can link to websites and video, so they could make a video of their critique and link to this via YouTube.

During 2014/15, some developments to Kit-Critique in order to allow for specific commenting types on the items have been made as well as support for a live trial with a module and then further edits as required. Some issues were noted and fixed in February about its usage – mainly to do with the student comments and ability to edit (which went from having a window, to the window being removed altogether). There are still issues based around removing items, and categorising items within the Critique catalogue.

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Last Updated: 16th April, 2015

Kit-Critique and Design Mashup