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A new 3 page quick start guide has been developed to cover the key aspects of CASPA for busy academics and is available via the CASPA website. New staff and student guides are currently being developed and will be amended as further CASPA enhancements progress.

CASPA is now being used by Wolfson, CBE, AACME, EESE and Design School. Support has been given to each of these schools including the entry of initial assessment data and rolling-over of last year's and one-to-one support as necessary.In addition, Maths and Physics have started to use the system under CEDE's guidance.

Further enhancements undertaken in CASPA (As requested by these schools) include: a stand-alone QR kiosk for student physical submissions and returns, staff bulk/cohort submit and record returns against an assessment, a student view for staff, ordering submissions data by student name, submission date or return date, filter assessment options, group lists for students groups.

The integration of Learn data concerning assessment submissions and return of student work is being worked upon this academic year along with CASPA reports on assessment schedules and student submissions and returns of work.

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Last Updated: 21st September, 2015

CASPA support and development