Addressing over-assessment in modules


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Against a background of concerns regarding possible over assessment within the Wolfson School, a study has been undertaken with the aim of providing a picture of assessment in parts A and B of the Mechanical Engineering Programme.

The initial focus of the study was on module ILOs and identifying whether the same ILOs were being assessed across the programme by different modules. When the results of this investigation indicated that this was not likely to be the major cause of over assessment on the programme the study was broaden to investigate other potential sources. In total six research questions were used to explore the issue of over assessment on Parts A and B of the Mechanical Engineering Programme.

1. Are modules across the programme assessing the same ILOs? 2. Within modules, are modules assessing their own ILOs multiple times? 3. Are modules identified as ‘over assessing’ addressing common programme ILOs? 4. Are modules identified in 3. Addressing the same aspects of Programme ILOs? 5. Could the quantity of assessed elements be contributing to the assessment burden on students? 6. Is there parity in exam weight and exam duration between modules on the programme?


  • A report was produced at the end of the study, highlighting areas of over assessment in Parts A and B of the Mechanical Engineering Programme and which addressed the six research questions. The report includes a matrix, developed as part of this project, showing what ILOs are being assessed where.

The study finds that the issue of over assessment within this programme is complex and arises from a number of different sources. A number of recommendations have been made to the school and include areas for further work which could be undertaken by CEDE.

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Last Updated: 4th November, 2014

Addressing over-assessment in modules