EDEN Seminar (3): "Enhancing Employability via Student-led Projects Workshop"


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A workshop for Engineering and Design Educators was held on 22nd March 2012 by the Centre for Engineering and Design Education at Loughborough University as part of the Centre’s EDEN (Engineering and Design Educators Network) seminar series. Focusing on learning and teaching issues from an engineering and design perspective, EDEN is intended to provide practitioners with the opportunity to share and develop good practice.

EDEN supported the “Enhancing Employability via Student-led Projects Workshop”, which was organised by Imperial College London and Loughborough University National HE STEM Project. The workshop provided advice and a clinic on “how to set up extracurricular schemes, run by students, with minimal academic budget and with limited time.”

Background and purpose of workshop

  • we all want to enhance the employability of our students but timetables are already crowded
  • extracurricular projects give students experience that enhances employability, in their own ‘free’ time
  • volunteering enhances employability, but organising own projects produces “managers”
  • universities can tutor students so that their projects can be handed onto the next cohort: efficient!
  • universities can foster student-led projects through fairly minimal interventions and tutoring
  • Imperial’s students “did it for themselves” but flowered long-term when given tutor support
  • Loughborough adapted the Imperial model and is fostering local projects and building student interest
  • Loughborough and Imperial joined forces to invent the “student-led projects symposium” where students transfer knowledge and know-how to each other about projects, creating a pool of “peers”.

Both universities are keen to share the model with others, as a low-cost, high-inspiration model of a student employability scheme. We invite you to build with us as the scheme spreads across the UK.

For further information about EDEN, please contact Dr Sarah Bamforth.

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EDEN Seminar (3): "Enhancing Employability via Student-led Projects Workshop"